Biomarker-Driven Prescribing in Oncology: Stakeholder Dynamics in Mexico and Argentina for Breast Cancer, NSCLC, CRC and Malignant Melanoma | Physician & Payer Forum | Mexico and Argentina | 2014

Oncology indications increasingly use predictive biomarkers to guide prescribing of costly therapies. However, uptake of targeted therapies in Mexico and Argentina is highly dependent on their incorporation into publically funded formularies, a situation that varies widely between countries in terms of the drugs and indications covered. As multiple marketed and late-stage emerging agents seek to optimize the market access opportunities offered by using biomarkers to target those patients most likely to benefit from drug therapy, this report assesses how the rising cost of personalized medicine is balanced with clinical need in breast cancer, non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), colorectal cancer (CRC), and malignant melanoma.

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