Molina Healthcare | 2021 | National MCO Analyzer Brief

Molina Healthcare accomplished its goal to begin 2021 with more than 3.5 million members, thanks to a major boost in Medicaid enrollment during late spring and summer 2020 and a collection of acquisitions that allowed the insurer to enter new territories and expand existing markets. As unemployment rose across the country in spring 2020, many who lost their employer-sponsored plans looked to Medicaid or exchange plans for coverage. This led hundreds of thousands of new enrollees to Molina, and the insurer expects to continue growth in 2021. Meanwhile, the insurer entered Massachu-setts, Virginia, Arizona, and Kentucky, and expanded its presence in Wisconsin, New York, and Florida through acquisi-tions. Thousands of Medicaid and Medicare-Medicaid dual-eligibles joined the insurer during the year as a result.

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