Orlando | Florida | 2023 | Market Overview

Innovation and experimentation define Orlando’s healthcare landscape. The market’s two integrated delivery networks, AdventHealth and Orlando Health, have contained clinical ecosystems that have allowed each IDN to take on risk in payer contracting and engage in direct contracts. The IDNs are competitive with each other, and the rivalry may fuel heightened performance in cost control and quality metrics, which could translate to savings for payers. Clinical integration is growing in two sectors: payers are acquiring physician practices in the market, and IDNs are investing in electronic health records to control clinical documentation and care protocols. In addition to venturing into robotic surgery, minimally invasive procedures, and CAR-T cell therapy, Orlando providers are trying a new COVID-19 treatment. The market is highly consolidated in the health system and physician sectors, and this will likely continue as smaller entities seek clinical support, telehealth infrastructure, and IT resources from larger players.

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