Psychiatrists Brand Playbook | U.S. | 2017

DRG’s Brand Playbooks are tailored analyses that identify the nuance necessary to engage a particular physician customer group by specialty. The Brand Playbook utilizes data from the ePharma Physician® and Taking the Pulse® U.S. 2017 studies to benchmark the target physician customer group against the average U.S. physician in terms of their digital maturity and engagement with pharma. Each playbook offers a detailed analysis with key findings and implications for marketers around what content pharma companies should create to support their target physician group, as well as where content messages should be promoted to maximize reach and impact across digital channels.

The Taking the Pulse® U.S. study was fielded among 2,784 online physicians in the United States in February and March of 2017. The ePharma Physician® study was fielded among 1,814 online physicians in the United States in Q2 of 2017. Brand Playbooks are available across 25 different specialist types, including Oncologists, Neurologists, Endocrinologists, Rheumatologists, and more.