Global Digital Trends Analysis | 2020

Taking the Pulse® Global is a study and strategic advisory service focused on helping life science companies understand the differences in markets for physician digital behavior and pain points, identify emerging content and service opportunities, and optimize their cross-channel HCP engagement strategy. 

The study was fielded among 3,817 online physicians in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, EU5 (France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK), Japan, Mexico and US in March – April 2020. 

Questions answered in this report:
• How can pharmas differentiate their messaging through curated multichannel tactics across the globe?
• How are emerging channels (e.g. voice, telehealth, etc.) reshaping global physicians workflow?
• How are physicians leveraging emerging treatments and tools (e.g. digital therapeutics and remote patient monitoring) and how can pharma provide support?
• Who should I be partnering with to best target and reach my audience?