Taking the Pulse US 2020 | Oncologists | Without Comparison

Taking the Pulse®: Optimize Physician Messaging 2020, our headliner physician study, explores physician’s multichannel attitudes, perceptions and behaviors to provide insights that can be used to help message, engage, and optimize communication initiatives.

Key topics & research questions

  • Evolving ecosystem:
    • Information landscape: Emerging offline and online macro trends in pharma, technology adoption, Shift in usage of devices for professional purposes, physicians’ perception regarding digital resources
  • Multichannel engagement:
    • Channel impact: Resources used monthly and their influence (e.g. pharma websites, HCP websites, social media, etc.); Analysis of the credibility of these channels to HCPs
    • Content optimization: Types of resources accessed on pharma vs. non-pharma platforms and their interest (Professional journals, non-pharma HCP sites, social networks and mobile apps, etc.,); Top features to makes a website or an app stand-out;  Physicians’ interaction to pharma sponsored content on these websites (e.g. pharma sponsored CME education)
    • Emerging tech on patient care and physician workflow: Time spent, use, and impact, of emerging resources impacting patient care (e.g. AI/integrated EHR solutions)
    • Emerging digital tools/technologies: Emerging resources HCPs are leveraging to stay up-to-date (e.g. voice assistants, voice search/skill, chatbots, online conferences, etc.,). Shift in adoption of new technologies, interest in digital tools on pharma websites
  • Personal promotion and pharma patient-HCP engagement: 
    • Rep interactions: In-person and remote interactions with pharma sales reps, MSLs, KOLs, vaccine reps, medical device reps; use and interest in remote rep detailing and barriers to self-detailing programs
    • Patient expectations:  opportunities for pharma to leverage emerging need for virtual consultations, remote patient monitoring and digital therapeutics; barriers to use virtual consultations; likeliness to integrate some pharma developed remote patient monitoring tools; Top patient support digital resources provided for treatment, wellness or condition management
  • Medical affairs:
    • CME and medical education: Sites used in the past year for accessing accredited/on-accredited CME content; most preferred content formats while accessing information (infographics, videos, etc.,); Physicians’ recall of pharma sponsored medical education and its impact