Global Digital Trends Analysis | 2021

Taking the Pulse®: Global Trends 2021 explores physicians’ multichannel attitudes, perceptions and behaviors across markets with layered analysis on how to message, engage, and optimize communication initiatives.

The survey included a total sample of 3,728 practicing physicians. The study was fielded in March-May 2021 covering seven global markets: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, EU5, and the United States.

Key topics & research questions

  1. COVID-19 pandemic impact across physicians’ workday –The biggest shifts and trends in physicians working environment, physicians’ adoption of remote touchpoints from in-person engagements. Highly impacted topic areas due to the pandemic mitigation measures: interactions with pharma sales reps, patient care, medical education, and conference attendance.
  2. Physicians’ working environment Top public health issues physicians are seeing, (e.g., delayed patient care, mental health, etc.,), Impact on in-person professional activities as a result of COVID-19 pandemic
  3. Rep engagement – Different modes of remote communication with pharma reps, expectations of interaction modalities post-COVID-19, Unmet content information gaps to focus via in-person vs. remote, COVID-19’s impact on access to resources from pharma reps
  4. Professional conferences- Preferred way to attend conferences and interest in pharma sponsored online conferences (trending). Information received during conferences and how has experience changed to receive needed information because of the pandemic? Unmet needs of features during online events
  5. Patient care: Telehealth, remote patient monitoring adoption; % of in-person vs. remote patient consults, Other remote communication modes used, Resources to share with patients after virtual consults, Digital tools recommendation to patients, Factors influencing prescribing behavior and treatment decisions
  6. Multichannel engagement – Physicians’ use of offline and online professional information sources, Channel impact – adoption and frequency and channel influence on clinical decisions, Pharma website perceptions, Physician reliance on pharma vs. independent sources for different types of content resources, Engagement with sponsored content; Top content driving HCPs to pharma websites, Top pharma brands providing online resources.
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