Taking the Pulse Japan 2018 | Cardiologists | Without Comparison

Understanding the information channels and content types customers rely on to support medical decisions is critical. But in a crowded multichannel landscape, the life science companies that stand out are those that offer a curated customer experience, not simply a quantified one.

Specialist included in this study: Cardiologists | Geography: Japan

A central framework DRG Digital explores in its 2019 Taking the Pulse® Global research is the nuance behind specific scenarios in which HCPs and patients seek information. While the patient journey map is a familiar construct, DRG analysis reveals a corresponding HCP journey of key learning and decision-making stages:

  • Education – when learning about new treatments or indications
  • Diagnosis – when seeking resources to support a patient diagnosis
  • Treatment – when deciding which treatment to prescribe
  • Switching – when considering switching a patient’s treatment

This analysis provides new insights to assist marketers seeking to refine their multichannel strategies and customer experience, rather than just expand them. Beyond uniting the customer journey across both HCPs and patients, this framework allows for the integration of insights into existing patient journey maps, emotional journey sequencing, and other custom digital research methodologies.