Patient Playbook | Heart Disease | U.S. | 2017

  • Patient profile & health attitudes: How digitally engaged are patients and what challenges do they anticipate facing with the healthcare system over the next few years? How are costs impacting patients’ treatment decisions?
  • Digital patient journey: How do patients leverage online resources along the patient journey? 
  • Point of care dynamics: How to support physicians for improved point of care patient experience? How impactful is a positive point of care experience on patient outcomes?
  • Treatment decision making: What is patient involvement in treatment decisions? What information do they research online when comparing treatments during decision making?  What is the impact of online research on Rx filling?
  • Condition management: What type of tools are patients interested in using to help with medication adherence? What emerging technologies are changing the way patients are managing their condition? How to increase utilization of pharma patient support services?
  • Content strategy – owned media: How to increase return visitation to pharma digital properties? What type of content is most engaging?
  • Content strategy – paid promotions: What type of Rx advertising has the highest recall? What type of information do patients expect to learn from Rx advertising? What are the perceptions related to targeted advertising?