Digital Therapeutics and Smart Device Landscape | EU5 | 2020

To help healthcare professionals stay abreast of ongoing developments in the DTx space, DRG has created a comprehensive research program to provide regular updates and analysis around this topic. This particular Digital Therapeutics and Smart Device Landscape report summarizes the top news and happenings in the Digital Therapeutics space in the EU5 between January and August of 2020.

The analysis begins with DRGs foundational clinical, therapy area, and customer expertise, and layers in research gathered from search and social media analytics, proprietary datasets, desk research, and survey-based customer insights to provide contextualization. This report tracks the market over the last seven month period to identify trends, prominent players and emerging disruptors, and provides a deeper analysis of tech companies and events occurring in the industry.

Key Analysis Questions:

  • What are the emerging digital therapies coming to market, and what disease areas do they address?
  • What partnerships are forming between pharma manufacturers and tech companies to support DTx development?
  • Who are the trending and established players in the digital therapeutics space, and who are the tech startups to watch?
  • What opportunities exist for pharma companies to capitalize on these innovations?
  • What are the market perceptions towards these emerging therapies and companies?