Pediatricians Multichannel Playbook | US | 2019

DRG’s U.S. 2019 Pediatricians Multichannel Playbook provides a tactical roadmap to help pharma optimize multichannel marketing strategies through in-depth analysis of channel adoption, specific content needs, and whitespace opportunities while giving voice to physician attitudes towards pharma and multichannel messaging tactics.  

Key topics include: traditional and emerging channel adoption, physician journey, salesforce engagement, third-party partnership opportunities, EHRs, videos, podcasts, voice assistants, point of care interactions, social, remote detailing, pharma websites, pharma portals, content planning, beyond the pill and digital therapeutics, medical affairs, pharma brand perceptions, macro industry trends, and more.

Key questions:

  • How to extend the impact of reps/field force through data-driven multichannel strategies?
  • Which channels, sources and platforms are HCP audiences relying on for information and decision-making today?
  • What types of digital content and website features are most likely to engage and activate HCP audiences based on their needs and motivations?
  • What are the best opportunities to support physicians’ relationships with patients at the point of care?
  • Which tactics should be prioritized in planning discussions?
  • Which best practices should be deployed across channels to improve physician relationships?
  • United States


  • The Taking the Pulse® U.S. 2019 survey was fielded in Q1 & 2 of 2019 and included a total sample of 2,514 U.S. practicing physicians.
  • The ePharma Physician® 2019 survey was fielded in Q2 of 2019 and included a total sample of 1,285 U.S. practicing physicians.
  • Both the surveys included a total of 150 Pediatricians

Specialty covered: Pediatricians

Content highlights:

  • Optimizing multichannel messaging tactics
  • Salesforce engagement
  • Digital engagement
  • Content planning