ePharma Consumer 2016 | All Caregivers | Segmentation | With Comparison

ePharma Consumer® is a study and strategic advisory service focused on helping clients understand how caregivers want to interact with manufacturers, assess their content and service preferences,  and optimize cross-channel touch points such as websites, apps and patient support programs. 

Questions answered in this report:

  • Digital channels strategy: What are the key online channels for pharma content distribution across the patient journey? What type of information and resources do consumers want across digital channels from pharma? How does digital channel usage impact health-related actions?
  • Advertising strategy: What type of prescription drug advertising are consumers most receptive to? How impactful are pharma campaigns (TV vs. digital)?
  • Prescription “journey” – from prescription to medication adherence: What channels trigger brand-name drug requests? Where do patients go after receiving a prescription from their doctor? What type of information do they research and how that impacts decisions to fill a prescription? What causes non-adherence? What can pharma do to increase medication adherence?
  • Value-added services & patient support: What type of patient support is most needed? Where along the patient journey is the greatest need for patient support? What type of services do patients want from pharma? What are the best distribution channels for pharma patient support?

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