Psoriatic Arthritis Patients Multichannel Playbook | US | 2019

Overview: To understand patients’ multichannel, digital behavior and needs, tactics that influence treatment decision making and how to improve patient engagement strategy.

Key topics include: Voice, AI, info-seeking, digital patient journey, point of care interactions, social, pharma websites, search, email newsletters, content planning, beyond the pill, digital therapeutics, new therapies, brand experience, patient pain points, copay accumulators, and more.

Key questions:

  • What are the biggest challenges that patients are facing healthcare today?
  • What moments matter most throughout the patient journey? What digital sources are preferred at those times?
  • Which channels, sources, and platforms are patients relying on for health information and decision-making? What are the biggest unmet content needs across the channels?
  • What type of digital content is most likely to engage and activate patient audiences?
  • How effective are various DTC tactics?
  • What are the best opportunities to support patients with condition or treatment management?

Geography: United States


  • The Cybercitizen Health® U.S. 2019 and the ePharma Consumer® U.S. 2019 survey was fielded in Q2 of 2019 and included a total sample of 4,570 online adults ages 18+  
  • This survey included a total of 51 Psoriatic Arthritis patients.

Content highlights:

  • Patient macro trends
  • Engaging patients through core digital channels
  • Understanding patients’ role in, and power over, health decision-making
  • Alternative treatment options and condition management
  • Brand experience