Patient Multichannel Insights | 2022 | Cybercitizen Health | US | Migraine Patients | Segmentation

Patient Multichannel Insights | 2022 | Cybercitizen Health | US | Migraine Patients : (Segmentation Reference Data Deck)

Our 2022 study among patients/caregivers uncovers detailed insights on their information-seeking behaviors, and how these behaviors impact patient/caregiver’s health-related decisions. These insights complement our HCP multichannel study at a condition level, assisting in the optimization of support and engagement strategies based on the patients/caregivers’ perspective associated to their health-specific content needs and channel preferences.

This study was fielded during April-June 2022 and it explores the following topics:

Patients/caregivers health-related information-seeking behaviors

• Circumstances in which patients/caregivers need and seek out health-related information across the disease journey

• Information and services needed in each circumstance

• Formats and attributes preferred for each type of content/services

• Channels preferred to access each type of content/services


Manufacturer (pharmaceutical or medical device) vs. condition-specific/general health websites

• Circumstances in which patients/caregivers access information from these websites

• Content attributes preferred by patients/caregivers in these types of websites

• User experience elements valued by patients/caregivers in these types of websites


Condition-specific insights and HCP interactions

• Patient-identified challenges during diagnosis and treatment of their conditions, and factors affecting these challenges

• Severity of unmet need around each challenge identified

• Information and service needs that would help patient/caregivers support and manage their condition

• Treatment uptake, experiences, and adherence/switching factors for specific treatments by condition


This report contains the underlying data from Cybercitizen Health specific to US Migraine Patients (N=100)

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