Lung Cancer Patients Multichannel Playbook | EU5 | 2021

Cybercitizen Health®: Multichannel Engagement 2021our headliner patient studyexplores patients’ pain points and concerns related to condition management, multichannel behavior and engagement, evolving point of care experiences, adoption of digital disruptors with layered analysis of actionable recommendations on how to engage, and optimize communication initiatives.

Segment included in this report: Lung Cancer patients in the EU (n=30)

Key topics & research questions

  1. Engagement points across digital patient journey – when are patients facing challenges and how pharma can intervene to help and provide value?
  2. Multichannel engagement – how are patients utilizing offline and online professional information sources? How to optimize multichannel engagement? What content to prioritize across channels?
  3. Meeting patients’ expectations-ways in which patients are communicating with their physicians? How to improve this communication to meet patient expectations and which patient support resources to provide? What is the patient sentiment towards pharma companies and points where they are seeking support?
  4. Patient health management- percentage of patients requesting specific products and HCPs’ reaction (% of time physicians prescribe these). Whether patients are staying adherent to their medications and if patients are considering switching their medications. How are patients tracking their health measurements? What digital tools are they adopting to help with treatment and disease management?
  5. Impact of DTC ads – what’s overall prescription drug ads recall? What actions patients have taken as a result of ad exposure. What types of online Rx ads prompt users to click and engage?
  6. Perceptions and expectations from clinical trials – for what reasons would patients participate in clinical trials? What activities patients are likely to do to learn about clinical trials and what would keep patients motivated to participate in the clinical trial until completion