Video and High-Tech Hardware Devices – Market Insights – Europe

Despite ongoing price consciousness as a result of the European debt crisis, minimally invasive surgeries will become increasingly common, driving demand for video and high-tech hardware devices. Additionally, as more devices become available, price erosion will make these devices more affordable, thereby supporting their adoption.

This Medtech 360 Report provides comprehensive data and analysis on the current state of the market for video and high-tech hardware devices in Europe, with market projections 10 years into the future.

Multiple mergers and partnerships have occurred in the video and high-tech hardware device market in recent years.

Which competitors have recently engaged in merger or partnership activities?

Which segments are most affected by this competitive activity?

What benefits do partnering and acquisitions offer in this space?

Although demand for replacement units will be a main driver—particularly in the surgical table and light markets—product innovation will be more prominent in segments such as the OR integration, camera system, and surgical monitor markets.

What aspects of product improvement should manufacturers focus on to drive continued growth in replacement markets?

What role will product innovation—namely in streamlined OR integration systems, and 3DHD and 4K Ultra HD surgical monitors—play in fueling market growth?

The eurozone debt crisis has resulted in price conscious behavior.

What are the implications of these trends on the video and high-tech device market within different countries?

How will price-driven purchasing impact the adoption of premium-priced devices, such as surgical robots and OR integration systems?

To what extent will ASPs be affected by these trends?

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