Stroke Devices – Market Insights – United States

The US market for stroke devices will grow strongly through 2026 as a result of the adoption of innovative devices as well as the establishment of dedicated infrastructure for stroke treatment. 

This Medtech 360 Report provides comprehensive data and analysis on the current state of the market for stroke devices in the US across a 10-year period

The results of the DAWN trial have driven expanded guidelines for the use of neurovascular thrombectomy in the treatment of AIS.

How will the updated guidelines impact market growth?

How much growth is expected in this market?

What factors limit growth of this rapidly expanding market?

An increasing number of small competitors are entering the stroke device market in the US.

How will new entrants change the competitive landscape?

What tactics are smaller companies using to gain share in the market?

Rising adoption of neurovascular thrombectomy procedures for the treatment of AIS is driving infrastructure changes for stroke care in the US.

How will these changes affect the neurovascular thrombectomy device market?

How much will infrastructure growth and change drive the stroke lab system market?

Will the focus on AIS impact interventional hemorrhagic stroke treatments?

Expansion of ICH procedure volumes hinges on obtaining conclusive clinical evidence demonstrating the superior efficacy of neurovascular evacuation devices compared to other treatment options. 

What factors will drive adoption of surgical ICH procedures and devices tailored to those procedures?

Will the reluctance of neurosurgeons to adopt new techniques and devices without strong clinical data impede this market?

How will increasing ICH treatment volumes affect the stroke device market?

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