Infusion Pumps – Market Insights – Japan

The Japanese general purpose pump market will grow slowly over the forecast period due to a decline in the number of hospitals in the country. Despite this, the Japanese general purpose pump market will continue to generate significant revenues because it is very well established and is therefore driven by replacement sales. Meanwhile, the insulin pump market will grow moderately due to favorable reimbursement changes.

This Medtech 360 Report provides comprehensive data and analysis on the current state of the market for infusion pumps in Japan across a 10-year period.

Several segments of the general purpose pump market are negatively affected by a decline in hospital beds.

Which segments will be negatively affected?

Will sales revenues of these segments grow despite a decline in hospital beds?

Japanese physicians’ preferences for infusion pumps are dissimilar from those in other Asia Pacific countries.

What types of infusion pumps are most preferred in Japan?

Will physician preferences result in a growing penetration of a certain type of infusion pump over the forecast period?

Companies in this market use strategies that specifically target Japanese hospitals and patients in order to remain successful.

Which companies use such strategies and what do they do to remain successful?

Are all companies able to pursue such strategies?

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