Electronic Health Records – Market Insights – Global (Acute Care)

While most hospitals have some EHR infrastructure in place, few hospitals outside the US have a full complement of EHR modules, thereby resulting in insufficient functionality and interface capabilities. With the ongoing push toward improving interoperability, the adoption of enterprise EHR solutions will drive the global acute care EHR market in the coming years. 

This Medtech 360 Report provides comprehensive data and analysis on the current state of the market for acute care EHRs in the US, Europe, and Japan across a 10-year period.

Acute care EHR adoption varies by facility size.

What factors affect adoption of acute care EHRs in small, medium, and large hospitals?

How do initial and recurring contracts vary between the different hospital tiers?

What is the penetration of web-based EHR systems across the facility types?

The factors impacting the types of EHR systems purchased in each country vary significantly.

What is the breakdown between hosted and on-premise EHR solutions? What factors contribute to this breakdown?

Why do customers adopt one brand of EHR system over another? How does that differ by geography? 

The UK has a high proportion of best-of-breed EHR solutions.

What are the driving forces behind adoption of best-of-breed versus enterprise solutions, and how do they differ across geographies?

How does the push toward increased interoperability impact the breakdown between the two types of EHR solutions?

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