Nevada | Fall | 2008 | Health Plan Analysis

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield has pulled out of Nevada's Medicaid program, citing low reimbursements and little prospect of improvement given the state's strained budget. AMERIGROUP has jumped in to fill the void, though.

Nevada's recent economic growth has been choked off by the national economic downturn, and carriers have been busy creating and packaging individual products to meet demand from cost-conscious buyers.

Sierra Health, now owned by UnitedHealth, is offering a new value-based drug option in its popular Medicare Advantage plan, hoping to score with seniors who value a no-copay policy for the drugs that keep them stabilized.

Nevada's insurers are trying a range of different tactics to control costs of specialty drugs and the cost of radiology services.

Humana is moving aggressively to maximize its opportunities in Nevada as UnitedHealth has had to part from its Las Vegas MA business in order to merge with Sierra.