Oregon & Washington | Summer | 2009 | Health Plan Analysis

Oregon's Drug Effectiveness Review Project is just the kind of independent comparative study of prescription drugs that health policy makers are looking to as they try to trim healthcare costs toward the most cost-effective therapies.The Northwest Prescription Drug Consortium, formed between Oregon Prescription Drug Program and Washington Prescription Drug Program in 2007, is growing in its power and reach, adding major new contracts and pharmacy lives, but is bracing for its biggest potential client yet – the Washington Medicaid program. Oregon isn't waiting for national healthcare reforms following the passage of HB 2009, which created the Oregon Health Policy Board to oversee the development and implementation more centralized control of the industry including the small group and individual markets, creation of an insurance exchange, coverage for all state residents and other sweeping reforms. As the Recession continues to squeeze employers, health plans are responding with various options to help employers save money, including three-year rate guarantees for groups as small as 51 employees.