Pharmacy Benefit Evaluator (Data Archive)

WILL NOT BE UPDATED WITH NEW DATA. Please go to the Managed Market Surveyor Suite for the latest Pharmacy Benefit Evaluator (PBE) data. This links to our old PBE application containing the 2017 – 2009 data sets.

Important Note:
As of February 3, 2017, Decision Resources Group has updated the July 2016 Medicare enrollment to reflect improved CMS contract to DRG company mappings. The update mostly affects regional Medicare Advantage medical enrollment for Anthem IN (KY/IN/OH), CarePlus Health (FL), Care Improvement Plus (AR/MO/TX/SC/GA), Humana (Southeast), United (NY/FL) and Medicare Stand Alone PDP pharmacy enrollment for Capital BlueCross (PA).  In addition, due to state reporting errors, DRG has made historical updates to Highmark commercial data for the January 2016 data point.

Additional Downloads:
CLICK HERE for the Pharmacy Benefit Evaluator Product Manual
CLICK HERE for the Data and Parent & Child Relationship download
CLICK HERE for the Pharmacy Benefit Evaluator July 2017 Data download