ePharma Physician 2016 – Strategic Insight Report – What are the reach and impact of beyond the pill services from pharma companies?

“With both patient involvement in treatment decisions and evaluations or rewards for performance metrics on the rise, U.S. physicians increasingly look to pharma for support with beyond the pill services. Prevention and wellness services, adherence programs, telehealth and remote patient monitoring, and more are quickly becoming critical resources for HCPs to manage and support their patients. This Strategic Insight explores the physician adoption rates of various beyond the pill services from pharma, as well as the impact that providing these resources can have on the pharma-physician relationship and prescription decisions.

Questions answered in this report: How many U.S. physicians use beyond the pill services from pharma companies? What are the top specialty areas of physicians using beyond the pill services? How can beyond the pill services impact physician multichannel and prescribing behaviors?”