How can pharma react to the impact of the Sunshine Act? ePharma Physician 2015 Strategic Insight Report

The CMS Open Payments website began publishing data on physician payments from pharma in late 2014. The majority of physicians report that they are aware of the Sunshine Act, but further analysis is required to understand how large of an impact it will have on pharma-physician interactions. This Strategic Insight examines how physicians plan to change their info-seeking behaviors and interactions with pharma as a result of the Sunshine Act, and identifies the opportunities for marketers to maintain engagement with physicians despite the Sunshine impact.

Question answered in this report:

  • How many physicians expect the Sunshine Act to affect their interactions with pharma?
  • How will physician behavior change with the debut of the Open Payments website?
  • What can pharma companies do to continue providing value to physicians in this newly-restricted environment?