Osteoporosis – Epidemiology – Extrapolated Worldwide Coverage

Clarivate’s Extrapolated Worldwide Coverage is the first and only evidence-based data set of epidemiological forecasts for key osteoporosis patient populations, covering 171 countries and more than 99% of the global population, delivered in an interactive dashboard-style download.

Use the Extrapolated Worldwide Coverage dashboard to do the following:

  • View 10-year forecasts of the total prevalent cases for all 171 countries, stratified by region and World Bank income status.
  • Aggregate country-level estimates into region-level estimates, according to user preference or as required by regulators for orphan drug designations.
  • Visualize global correlations between disease risk or size of patient population and key indicators of market opportunity such as GDP per capita and healthcare spend per capita.
  • Generate and export global heat maps of disease risk or size of patient population.

The Extrapolated Worldwide Coverage dashboard is available as an Excel file in the Downloads section at the top right of this page. It is available for purchase by clients with subscriptions to all 45 countries covered by Clarivate Epidemiology. For subscription and entitlement queries, please contact Clarivate.support@clarivate.com.