Schizophrenia – Epidemiology – Americas

DRG Epidemiology's coverage of schizophrenia comprises epidemiological estimates of key patient populations across 45 countries worldwide. We report both the incidence and prevalence of schizophrenia for each country, as well as annualized case counts projected to the national population.

Table of contents

  • Schizophrenia - Epidemiology - Americas
    • Introduction
      • Key Updates
      • Diagnosed Lifetime Prevalence of Schizophrenia per 1,000 Adults in 2021 and 2031
      • Relative Sizes of the Factors Contributing to the Trend in Diagnosed Lifetime Prevalent Cases of Schizophrenia over the Next 10 Years
      • Number of Additional Diagnosed Lifetime Prevalent Cases of Schizophrenia Across the Countries Under Study Due to Trends in Risk or Survival in 2031
    • Epidemiology Data
    • Methods
      • Lifetime Prevalent Cases
      • Diagnosed Lifetime Prevalent Cases
      • Positive and Negative Symptom Status
      • Comorbid Cognitive Impairment
      • Comorbid Depression
      • Percentage Drug-Treated
    • Reference Materials
      • Literature Review
        • Studies Included in the Analysis of Schizophrenia
        • Studies Excluded from the Analysis of Schizophrenia
      • Risk/Protective Factors
        • Risk/Protective Factors for Schizophrenia
      • Bibliography
        • Abbreviations
        • Glossary