EGFR – Epidemiology – Mature Markets

Clarivate Epidemiology has created a robust repository of the prevalence of biomarker- and mutation-defined treatment-eligible cancer populations. Using Clarivate’s Biomarker Epidemiology, you can now save months of time and resources researching individual tumors in which a biomarker may be significant by quickly accessing data on the size of biomarker patient populations, based on diverse eligibility criteria and treatment settings.

In addition to an extensive literature review and modeling, we leverage our in-house estimates of cancer incidence for solid and hematological malignancies. All estimates are rigorously researched and transparently reported.

EGFR Epidemiology enables you to:

  • Complete EGFR-driven market-sizing assessments based on the size of patient populations and patient flows.
  • Build the foundation of a market forecast for strategic planning for EGFR-targeting for new and existing assets.
  • Understand how the patient populations for EGFR will evolve over time.
  • Answer any question you may have about specific subpopulations, EGFR, and the impact of new studies.


  • Patient-flow diagrams.
  • Customizable populations and data visualization dashboards.
  • Testing rates and companion diagnostic information.
  • Real-world data augmentation.
  • Patient journey and demographic characteristics.
  • Real-world analysis of associated comorbidities and treatments.

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