ePharma Physician 2019 | Oncologists | Without Comparison

ePharma Physician® US is a study focused on the ways pharma marketers can maximize physician engagement and how pharma sales reps can strengthen the pharma-physician relationship.

The study was fielded among 1285 online physicians in the United States in Q2 2019. Data can be segmented by 25+ specialist types, including PCPs, Oncologists, Cardiologists, Dermatologists, and more.

Specialist included in this report: Oncologists (n = 100) | Geography: United States

Questions answered in this report:

  • How can pharma best leverage their salesforce to reach and engage physicians both in-person and remotely?
  • What is the opportunity for pharma to reach physicians via medical science liaisons (MSLs) and continuing medical education?
  • How can pharma boost physician engagement with their online channels, e.g., pharma owned HCP websites, pharma owned HCP portals, and sponsored content on third-party websites?