Dyslipidemia | Emerging Markets | Brazil | 2014

Statins are entrenched in the dyslipidemia treatment algorithm for both primary and secondary prevention, but despite their use, a substantial percentage of patients have residual cardiovascular risk, driving the need for new add-on therapies that can be used alongside statin treatment for further risk reduction. Brazilians can access a wide range of dyslipidemia drugs through federally funded, and state-and municipal-administered programs. Yet, several drugs, including the most potent statins and cholesterol absorption inhibitors, are absent from the government’s reimbursable drugs list, the Relação Nacional de Medicamentos Essenciais (RENAME), leaving many patients to pay for them out-of-pocket. Through the 2013-2018 period, the Brazilian dyslipidemia market is poised for additional entries—statin adjuncts and/or niche therapies—that will contribute to substantial sales growth.

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