Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer | Disease Landscape and Forecast | G7 | 2018

Market Outlook:

NSCLC has one of the most dynamic drug development pipelines in oncology with multiple targeted and biomarker-driven therapies. DRG expects the NSCLC therapy market to experience robust growth throughout the 2017-2027 forecast period. The biggest driver of market sales growth will be the continued uptake and anticipated label expansions of immune checkpoint inhibitors. EGFR and ALK inhibitors will also contribute to market growth following the first-line label expansions of Tagrisso and Alecensa, respectively.

Questions Answered:

How large are the drug-treatable NSCLC populations and how will the drug-treatment rates change over time?

What is the current state of treatment in NSCLC? What are interviewed experts’ insights on current treatment options?

What clinical needs remain unfulfilled? What pipeline products are most promising, and what sales/uptake could they secure in NSCLC?

What therapies of note are progressing in earlier phases? What are the drivers and constraints in the NSCLC market, and how will the market evolve over the forecast period?

Product Description:

Disease Landscape & Forecast: Comprehensive market intelligence providing world-class epidemiology, keen insight into current treatment paradigms, in-depth pipeline assessments, and drug forecasts supported by detailed primary and secondary research.


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