Diabetic Nephropathy | Disease Landscape and Forecast | G7 | 2017

The diabetic nephropathy (DN) market is poised to expand rapidly over the next decade as late-stage therapies reach the G7 markets. These agents represent the first potential disease-modifying therapies, should they prove efficacious and safe. The current standard of care fails to halt the frequent progression of DN to kidney disease and ultimately, kidney failure—a condition associated with severe morbidity/mortality, and high costs to patients, payers, and healthcare systems. As a result, key opinion leaders (KOLs) indicate that efficacious therapies for DN remain a major unmet need, and weigh in on the anticipated nephroprotective effects that mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists and SGLT-2 inhibitors may offer, as well as the safety risks involved. The increasing prevalence of DN, exacerbated by the dynamics between clinicians seeking to prescribe new, premium-priced therapies and payers seeking to control costs among an already expensive-to-treat population, will help shape the changing DN market over the next decade.Questions answered What market access and reimbursement challenges will the emerging therapies face in the G7? How will these challenges influence their uptake? How will the SGLT-2 inhibitors canagliflozin, empagliflozin, and dapagliflozin fare in the DN market? What factors will influence their success? How do KOLs view the different mechanisms of action of the products in late-stage testing? What therapies are emerging in the early-stage pipelines?Disease Landscape & Forecast: Comprehensive market intelligence providing world-class epidemiology, keen insight into current treatment paradigms, in-depth pipeline assessments, and drug forecasts supported by detailed primary and secondary research.

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