Human Immunodeficiency Virus | Disease Landscape and Forecast | G7 | 2018


The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) therapy market is dynamic and growing as many effective antiretroviral therapies (ARTs), such as Gilead’s Biktarvy, continue to launch, prompting safety and tolerability to become the key differentiating attributes between ART regimens. The rise of single-pill nuc-sparing and nuc-reduced regimens (e.g., ViiV’s Juluca and dolutegravir/lamivudine) with a reduced long-term risk of comorbidities will expand treatment options and allow preferential prescribing among HIV patients who closely adhere to therpay. Commercial opportunity in the HIV market will be driven by a large and aging prevalent viremic patient population whose needs will shift to their comorbidities as their HIV infections become well managed.


  • What is the current market landscape for the treatment of HIV? How will emerging therapies like Biktarvy compete with entrenched brands like ViiV’s Triumeq?
  • How will changing prevalence, diagnosis, and drug-treatment rates for HIV affect overall market growth? What are the healthcare policies that will influence drug-treatment rates, and how much of an impact will these strategies have?
  • What emerging therapies and/or interventions have the potential to offer a “functional cure” for HIV infection?
  • What are the most-promising agents in the late-stage pipeline, and how will they be differentiated from current therapies?


Disease Landscape & Forecast: Comprehensive market intelligence providing world-class epidemiology, keen insight into current treatment paradigms, in-depth pipeline assessments, and drug forecasts supported by detailed primary and secondary research.


August 2018


United States, EU5, Japan


  • 19 country-specific interviews with infectious disease experts.
  • Supported by survey data collected for this report and other DRG research.


Total seroprevalent cases of HIV, diagnosed incident and drug-treated cases by country as well as the HIVPrEP-indicated population.


Ten-year, annualized, drug-level sales and patient share of key HIV therapies through 2027, segmented by brands/generics.


Phase III/PR: 7 drugs; Phase II: 5 drugs. Coverage of select preclinical and Phase I products.

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