Pulmonary Hypertension | Disease Landscape and Forecast | G7 | 2018

Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is a devastating disease, for which there is no cure. Despite the rarity of the disease, the potential commercial rewards from drugs approved for it are considerable, driven by the premium price that may be charged for PH agents. Commercial interest in PH is high as a result of recent and significant advances in the understanding of its etiology and pathophysiology and the emergence of new therapies to treat the disease.


United States, EU5, Japan

Key Drugs Covered:

Uptravi, Orenitram, Adempas, Opsumit, Adcirca, Tracleer, Revatio, Letairis/Volibris, Remodulin, Flolan, Veletri, Tyvaso, Ventavis, Beraprost, ralinepag, esuberaprost, bardoxolone methyl, inhaled dry powder treprostinil, INOpulse

Key Companies Mentioned:

Actelion · United Therapeutics · Bayer Healthcare · GlaxoSmithKline · Gilead Sciences · Pfizer · Arena Pharmaceuticals · Mannkind Corporation · Bellerophon Therapeutics · Liquidia Technologies · Reata Pharmaceuticals

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