Multiple Sclerosis (Chronic-Progressive) | DecisionBase | US/EU | 2014

Amid Substantial Unmet Need, What Magnitude of Efficacy and Safety Do Neurologists and Payers Expect of a First-To-Market Therapy for Primary-Progressive Multiple Sclerosis?

Despite contributing a relatively modest fraction to the overall multiple sclerosis (MS) population, the chronic progressive MS (CP-MS) subpopulation (comprising secondary-progressive MS [SP-MS] and primary-progressive MS [PP-MS]) presents considerable opportunity for the development of novel therapeutics. PP-MS patients, in particular, are significantly underserved at present due to the complete lack of proven effective disease-modifying therapies as a result of the repeated failure of clinical trials in this patient subtype to date. However, a growing number of current and emerging therapies are being evaluated specifically in the PP-MS subpopulation. Surveyed neurologists and managed care organization pharmacy directors (MCO PDs) both identify a greater effect on physical disability as one of the top unmet needs in PP-MS. Indeed, in terms of impact on prescribing decisions, improvements in efficacy will likely outweigh comparable improvements in other areas such as safety and delivery.

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