Insomnia | DecisionBase | US/EU5 | 2014

In the Highly Genericized Insomnia Market, What Opportunities Remain for New Therapies?

We expect the prevalence of insomnia in the seven major pharmaceutical markets under study (United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, and Japan) to approach 58 million cases by 2022; in 2012, the total number of prevalent cases was 54 million. Although not all patients who experience symptoms of insomnia seek professional medical care, interviewed experts report that those who do and who are prescribed pharmacological treatment could benefit from additional therapeutic options. However, emerging insomnia therapies will enter a market containing many well-established, relatively inexpensive first-line therapies and a growing generics presence. As a result, emerging therapies attempting to attain a premium price in this market will need to offer substantial improvements in efficacy, safety and tolerability, and/or delivery over currently available therapies to achieve commercial success.

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