Breast Cancer (Triple-Negative, Advanced/Metastatic) | Decision Base | US | 2014

What attributes will distinguish emerging therapies in the eyes of oncologists and payers?

Treatment options for triple-negative breast cancer patients are limited, as patients are ineligible for treatment with either hormonal or HER2-targeted agents. Treatment typically involves nontargeted cytotoxic chemotherapies. Therefore, great commercial opportunity exists in developing effective, targeted therapies for this patient population. Interviewed oncologists are hopeful that more-effective targeted therapies are on the horizon for this patient population. However, the most promising emerging agents in development for triple-negative breast cancer target only specific subsets of patients, such as those with BRCA1/2-mutation positive disease. As a result, the majority of the triple-negative breast cancer population is likely to remain underserved for the foreseeable future.

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