Migraine-Acute Treatments | Current Treatment | US | 2016

The acute migraine market is dominated by the oral triptans, although genericization of these agents as well as approvals in recent years of multiple non-oral triptans and non-triptans have begun to shift market dynamics. Triptans with unique modes of administration (e.g., injectable or patch formulations) provide options for migraineurs wishing to avoid GI effects and/or who may require a faster onset of therapeutic action; ergotamine derivatives, NSAIDs, opioid analgesics, and other non-opioid analgesics offer alternative mechanisms of action to triptans. The Migraine | Current Treatment overview provides a synopsis of current treatment goals, key therapies (including acute and prophylactic agents), and medical practice in the United States and EU5 markets for migraine. The Acute Migraine | Current Treatment | US detailed, expanded analysis explores how U.S. neurologists and general practitioners/primary care physicians are currently treating their migraine patients, with a particular focus on use of acute therapies, as well as insight into the factors driving such prescribing habits.

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