Cybercitizen Health U.S. 2019 | Multiple Sclerosis | Without Comparison

Cybercitizen Health® US is a study focused on helping clients understand digital behavior and needs across the patient experience, and plan for patient-centric solutions to drive outcomes.

The study was fielded among 4,570 online adults ages 18+ in the United States in Q2 2019. Data can be segmented by 50+ patient and caregiver categories, including diabetes, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, ALS patients.

The patient category included in this report: Multiple Sclerosis (n=120) | Geography: United States

Topics covered in this report

  • 2019 patient snapshot – healthcare landscape overview: What are the biggest consumers’ health-related concerns? What challenges are they facing when managing their health? How increasing health costs are impacting patient behavior?
  • Decision making: What sources (online and offline) do patients use to inform their health-related decisions? When in the patient journey do they leverage online resources most? What’s the impact and credibility of online sources used?
  • Multichannel engagement strategies: How to engage patients through core digital channels (i.e., pharma websites, email, social or search)? What are the unmet content needs within each channel?
  • Artificial intelligence in healthcare: What are consumers’ opinions about AI-driven healthcare? What are the perceived pros and cons of AI-enabled care?