Emerging Biosimilars | Immunology | Inflectra/Remsima Wave 2 | Germany | 2016

LaunchTrends®: Inflectra/Remsima (Wave 2) is the second in a series of syndicated reports designed to track physician perception and uptake of Hospira’s Inflectra and Mundipharma’s Remsima, two different brands of Celltrion’s infliximab biosimilar CT-P13.

Rheumatologists and gastroenterologists in Germany were surveyed to determine their level of awareness of and experience and satisfaction with Inflectra and Remsima, to identify key drivers and barriers to the uptake of these agents, and to gauge physicians’ level of contact with marketers of infliximab biosimilars and Remicade.”

Questions Answered:

  • This survey was fielded in November 2015, six months after the initial survey (Wave 1) and approximately nine months after the launch of Inflectra and Remsima in Germany. Since Wave 1, how have awareness and perceptions of infliximab biosimilars changed among German rheumatologists and gastroenterologists?
  • Physicians may prescribe a biosimilar to patients who are initiating biological treatment or switch patients mid-treatment from a branded biologic. Among German rheumatologists and gastroenterologists, what are the key drivers for prescribing Inflectra/Remsima, and what proportion of patients are switched to these agents from Remicade?
  • Regulatory frameworks exist within the German healthcare system to drive uptake of less-expensive versions of branded medicines, including biosimilars. What proportion of German rheumatologists and gastroenterologists has been actively encouraged to use Inflectra/Remsima or to meet a prescribing quota for these agents?
  • The availability of other biosimilars will likely play a key role in determining the future use of Inflectra/Remsima and Remicade. What benefit would another infliximab biosimilar need to offer for German rheumatologists and gastroenterologists to preferentially prescribe it in place of Inflectra/Remsima?


Markets covered: Germany.

Primary research: Online survey of 30 gastroenterologists and 30 rheumatologists in Germany.

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