Biosimilars | Emerging Biosimilars | Oncology | Herzuma | Germany | Wave 1 | 2018

Celltrion’s Herzuma (trastuzumab) is the first biosimilar of Roche’s blockbuster HER2-targeted therapy, Herceptin, to launch in Europe. This series tracks uptake of Herzuma and medical oncologists’ awareness of the agent in order to gauge its impact in the commercially lucrative breast cancer market and the gastroesophageal cancer market. The series investigates perceptions of Herzuma, drivers of and barriers to its use, and future-use expectations. Promotional efforts are explored, as well as prescriber and nonprescriber profiles, and benchmarking against other biosimilars, to better understand the dynamics of the German biosimilars market.


  • Are German medical oncologists aware of Herzuma?
  • What are the drivers of prescribing Herzuma? What is the current level of Herzuma use, and how is that changing over time?
  • Are German physicians prescribing Herzuma in combination with Perjeta?
  • Have physicians experienced pressures to prescribe Herzuma to patients?
  • What promotional messages are sales representatives employing for Herzuma and Herceptin?


Emerging Biosimilars (Germany) is a three-wave series based on primary research data collected at 1 month, 6 months, and 12 months post-commercial launch with German physicians. The research captures physicians’ awareness, perceptions, and usage of the launched product, as well as anticipated future trends. Insight is also provided on promotional efforts, prescriber and nonprescriber profiles, and benchmarking against other launched agents.


Wave 1: September 2018

Wave 2: TBC 2019

Wave 3: TBC 2019




Survey of 60 medical oncologists

Key metrics included

  • Unaided and Aided Awareness of Herzuma
  • Familiarity with and Impressions of Herzuma
  • Prescriber and Nonprescriber Profiles
  • Willingness to Prescribe Herzuma
  • Performance of Herzuma on Key Attributes
  • Sales Representative Frequency, Reach, and Satisfaction
  • Benchmarking Against Previously Launched Biosimilars
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