Fibromyalgia | Treatment Algorithms: Claims Data Analysis | US | 2018

Fibromyalgia is a difficult disease to treat due to patient heterogeneity, frequent comorbid conditions, and a variety of symptoms including pain, depression, fatigue, and sleep dysfunction. The few drugs that are formally approved for the treatment of fibromyalgia (Pfizer’s Lyrica, Pierre Fabre’s/Allergan’s Savella, duloxetine) have limited efficacy, resulting in off-label use of a variety of antidepressants, analgesics, muscle relaxants, and sleep aids to manage patient symptoms. Although the recognition, diagnosis, and treatment of fibromyalgia has improved dramatically over the past decade, the treatment journeys of fibromyalgia patients are highly complex, with high rates of treatment discontinuation, drug-switching, and polypharmacy.


  • What patient share do key therapies and brands garner by line of therapy in newly diagnosed fibromyalgia patients? What are the quarterly trends in prescribing among recently-treated and newly diagnosed fibromyalgia patients?
  • How has duloxetine been integrated into the treatment algorithm since losing market exclusivity? How has its generic availability affected other therapies?
  • What proportion of fibromyalgia patients receive drug therapy within one year of diagnosis, and how quickly? What percentage of patients progress to later lines of therapy within one year of diagnosis?
  • What percentage of fibromyalgia patients are treated with monotherapy versus combination therapy? What are the most widely used combination therapies?
  • What are the product-level compliance and persistency rates among drug-treated patients with fibromyalgia?


Treatment Algorithms: Claims Data Analysis provides detailed analysis of brand usage across different lines of therapy using real-world, patient-level claims data, so you can accurately assess your source of business and quantify areas of opportunity for increasing your brand share.

Markets covered: United States

Real-world data: Longitudinal patient-level claims data analysis

Key companies: Pfizer, Allergan, Pierre-Fabre

Key drugs:  Lyrica, Savella, duloxetine, gabapentin, SNRIs, SSRIs, muscle relaxants, NSAIDs, opioid analgesics, sedative hypnotics, and others

Key analysis provided:

  • Brand use across longitudinal patient sample.
  • Newly diagnosed patient analysis.
  • Treatment initiation and progression.
  • Line of therapy analysis.
  • Combination therapy analysis.
  • Source of business for recently treated patients.
  • Persistency and compliance analysis.
  • Product-level patient flowcharts.
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