Ankylosing Spondylitis | Treatment Algorithms | Claims Data Analysis | US | 2018

AS is a chronic inflammatory disease belonging to the group of spondyloarthritides, involving primarily the sacroiliac joints and the axial skeleton, resulting in chronic back pain and stiffness. Diagnosis can be difficult, and left untreated AS can result in structural damage and disability. The key treatment goals for AS include improving signs and symptoms of the disease, improving physical function, preventing disability, and slowing or preventing structural damage. TNF-α inhibitors have demonstrated efficacy in reducing disease activity in AS, and all approved agents in this class are perceived as highly effective options for patients who require more potent therapies beyond first-line NSAIDs. The IL-17 inhibitor Cosentyx offers an alternative mechanism of action as the only approved non-TNF biologic therapy for AS.t

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