Human Immunodeficiency Virus | Treatment Algorithms | Claims Data Analysis | US | 2017

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is treatment is typically initiated with daily administration of costly yet highly effective antiretroviral therapies from multiple drug classes in order to achieve the clinical goal of viral suppression. The U.S. HIV market for anitretroviral therapies comprises many single-tablet regimens such as Gilead’s Atripla, Genvoya, and Stribld and ViiV’s Triumeq; fixed-dose combinations such as GIlead’s Truvada and Janssen’s Prezcobix; and individual therapies such as ViiV’s Tivicay that are combined into complete regimens. The recent release of TAF-containing FDCs and STRs offering HIV patients a reduced risk for long-term comorbidities, such as renal toxicity and bone demineralization, have caused a shift in prescribing habits. As such, Gilead’s Genvoya and Descovy and Gilead/Janssen’s Odefsey have seen substantial uptake, particularly among recently treated patients switching part or all of their treatment regimen.  Further, protease inhibitors co-formulated with pharmacokinetic boosters such as Janssen’s Prezcobix and Bristol Myers-Squibb’s Evotaz are gaining substantial patient share at the expense of other therapies in the protease inhibitor drug class. 


· What patient share do key therapies and brands garner by line of therapy in newly diagnosed HIV patients? What are the quarterly trends in prescribing among recently-treated and new diagnosed HIV patients?

· How have TAF-containing FDCs and STRs been integrated into the treatment algorithm?

· What proportion of HIV patients receive antiretroviral drug therapy within a year of diagnosis, and how quickly? What percentage of patients progress to later lines of therapy within that year of diagnosis?

· What percentage of HIV patients are treated with monotherapy versus combination therapy? What are the most widely used combination therapies?

· What are the product-level compliance and persistency rates among drug-treated HIV patients?

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