Migraine (Acute) | Treatment Algorithms | Claims Data Analysis | US | 2018

The triptan drug class dominates the market for approved prescription acute treatments for migraine. Despite the array of approved triptan options, most of them generic, new reformulations have launched over the past few years that provide incremental advantages over the standard of care, and novel nontriptan alternatives appear on the horizon. This content explores how newer therapies have fared in this highly generic market and provides important context for new players entering a large, still underserved, and commercially promising arena.

Questions Answered

  • What patient shares do key therapies and brands garner by line of therapy in the acute treatment of newly diagnosed migraine patients? What are the quarterly trends in the prescribing of acute treatments among recently treated and newly diagnosed migraine patients?
  • How have therapies for the acute treatment of migraine been integrated into the treatment algorithm?
  • What proportion of migraineurs receive prescription drug acute therapy within two years of diagnosis, and how quickly? What percentage of patients progress to later lines of acute treatment within two years of diagnosis?
  • What percentage of migraine patients are treated with acute treatment monotherapy versus combination therapy? What are the most widely used combination therapies?
  • What are the product-level compliance and persistency rates among migraine patients treated with prescription acute therapies?

Product Description

Treatment Algorithms: Claims Data Analysis provides detailed analysis of brand usage across different lines of therapy using real-world data patient-level claims data so you can accurately assess your source of business and quantify areas of opportunity for increasing your brand share.

Geographies: United States

Key drugs covered: sumatriptan (all formulations), Onzetra Xsail, eletriptan, frovatriptan, rizatriptan oral/ODT, Treximet, zolmitriptan oral/ODT, Zomig Nasal Spray, dihydroergotamine (nasal/injectable), Cambia

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