Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors | Access and Reimbursement | US | 2018

Immune checkpoint inhibitors have revolutionized the treatment of multiple oncology indications, but the high costs associated with these agents present significant challenges for payers. The potential for label expansions into additional indications and combinatorial approaches involving immune checkpoint inhibitors will put further pressure on MCO commercial plans. Developing a clear understanding of the reimbursement landscape and the effect on prescribing is critical for maximizing commercialization of immune checkpoint inhibitors.


  • What are the key driving forces and constraints that influence U.S. payers’ reimbursement decisions for immune checkpoint inhibitors?
  • How do market access and reimbursement policies shape prescribing preferences for immune checkpoint inhibitors?
  • How do payers prioritize diminishing budgets and control prescribing of immune checkpoint inhibitors accordingly?
  • How do oncologists view select emerging immune checkpoint inhibitors and do they expect to prescribe them? To what extent will U.S. payer policy likely impact uptake of these novel agents?


Access & Reimbursement provides in-depth insight regarding the impact of payer policy on physician prescribing behavior so you can build your market access strategy and optimize your brand positioning.

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