Spondyloarthritis | Access and Reimbursement | China | 2016

The prevalence of spondyloarthritis is increasing in China, where the estimated number of total prevalent cases of ankylosing spondylitis (AS) exceeds 1.6 million. Although the total prevalence of psoriatic arthritis (PsA) in China remains low compared with the mature markets, the lack of new treatments and the recent entry of domestic biosimilars stress the importance of carefully positioning branded biologics by their manufacturer in order to maximize these agents’ potential. Our Access & Reimbursement analysis explores how market access barriers shape treatment for AS and PsA in China based on collective insight from 50 local rheumatologists and 3 payers with influence on reimbursement and access of key agents.

Questions Answered in This Report:

  • How does reimbursement status influence prescribing and how much does financial barriers limit the uptake of biologics for PsA and AS.
  • How might the new “free pricing” policy and “public hospital reform” in China affect the pricing and reimbursement of AS and PsA drugs.
  • The current drivers and barriers to prescribing of biologics for AS and PsA, and the main cost-related/clinical constraints to the uptake of these agents.
  • How does the availability of domestic etanercept biosimilars impact prescribing and what are physicians’ off-label prescribing patterns in AS and PsA.
  • How payers perceive biosimilars. Will their presence drive a price cut on the branded products and impact the reimbursement status of biologics.
  • Payers’ expectations for emerging therapies. How will market access barriers evolve and the challenges emerging therapies for AS and PsA are likely to face in the future.
  • How do rheumatologists expect to prescribe biosimilars and emerging agents and their likely impact on current brands over the next three years.


Clarivate’s Access and Reimbursement module in Axial Spondyloarthritis and Psoriatic Arthritis in China explores the prescribing patterns of current AS and PsA biologic therapies, the potential impact of the anticipated arrival of novel biologics and biosimilars, and key national and regional market access factors that will shape the use of biologics in China over the next two to three years. This report draws on insights from 50 surveyed rheumatologists and from interviews with three payers in China, all of whom have influence at a national or regional level.

Markets covered: China.

Primary research:

  • 50 rheumatologists.
  • 3 payers:
    • Panel Member for PRDL update, Shanghai
    • Panel Member for PRDL update, Jiangsu.
    • Drug Review Expert at CFDA, Beijing
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