Hepatitis C Virus | Access and Reimbursement | China and South Korea | 2016

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is the leading cause of end-stage liver disease and hepatocellular carcinoma in China and South Korea. The prevalence of this chronic disease remains high owing to the presence of a large existing undiagnosed population and a population of nonresponders (i.e., patients who failed previous interferon (IFN)-based therapy or relapsed following prior therapy). Recent launches of direct-acting antivirals (DAAs), notably Sovaldi and Harvoni, in South Korea has been a watershed in the treatment of HCV in Asia, and patients now finally have access to these efficacious antiviral therapies. However, owing to the backlog of regulatory approvals, no DAA is available in China yet. As a result, many patients do not receive further treatment beyond (IFN)-based therapy. However, some patients are willing to travel from China tocountries such as India to receive DAA treatment with generics that are available at one-tenth of the price compared with mature markets.


Clarivate’s Access & Reimbursement module in Hepatitis C Virus in China and South Korea explores the prescribing patterns of current HCV therapies (include interferons and DAAs), the ongoing (South Korea) and potential (China) impact of the anticipated arrival of novel DAAs, and key national and regional market access factors that will shape pricing and reimbursement and the use of HCV therapies in both China and South Korea over the next two to three years.

Markets covered: China and South Korea.

Primary research:

  • 98 hepatologists and gastroenterologists surveyed.
  • 6 payers interviewed.
    • China:
      • Panel member for NRDL and PRDL update, Beijing.
      • Panel member for PRDL update, Shanghai.
      • Panel member for PRDL update, Sichuan.
    • South Korea:
      • Manager at HIRA, Regulation Reform Department (review & assessment).
      • Manager at HIRA, Regulation Reform Department (review & assessment).
      • Gastroenterologist KOL, Financial officer and Member of the reimbursement committee at the Korean Association for the study of the liver.
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