Multiple Sclerosis | Access and Reimbursement | US | 2019

The shifting multiple sclerosis (MS) therapy market continues to evolve as new disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) expand treatment choices. Standout Ocrevus (Roche/Genentech) continues to transform the PP-MS market and the relapsing MS treatment algorithm, partly supported by competitive pricing. New entrants Mavenclad and Mayzent provide additional options for relapsing MS patients, including unique dosing / safety profiles and label distinctions. Sandoz / Mylan’s glatiramer acetate products (the first generic alternatives in this high-cost market) lag but continue to grow slowly while the first generic orals will launch by 2023 (teriflunomide) or sooner, exerting new pressure on formulary placement and physician choice. For developers bringing novel or next-generation DMT brands to market, understanding the current and future influence of clinical metrics and value-for-dollar on access and prescribing will be key.


  • What is the current formulary status of MSDMTs, and what approaches do payers use to manage utilization and costs?
  • How will MCOs assess value and formulary placement for emerging DMTs? How will new agents be prescribed in an increasingly crowded and high-cost MS market?
  • What has been the impact of the latest entrants on reimbursement dynamics? How will late-phase, next-generation DMTs be viewed from a payer perspective?


U.S. Access & Reimbursement provides in-depth insight on the impact of payer policy on prescribing behavior so that clients can build their market access strategy and optimize their brand positioning. This analysis of primary market research with physician specialists and U.S. payers helps clients stay up-to-date on restriction policies, gauge payer and prescriber attitudes toward specific therapies, identify opportunities where brands can capture patient share through market access, and maximize opportunities for emerging therapies by learning how previous brands gained favorable reimbursement or why they stumbled.

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