Alzheimer’s Disease | Access and Reimbursement | Brazil/Mexico | 2016


Alzheimer’s disease is a chronic disease than affects several million Brazilian and Mexican patients. Physicians have a small number of molecules available for the treatment of cognitive/functional deficits associated with the disease, and in both markets there are generics for most drugs available. Drug coverage is different in these countries; while Brazilian patients have access to most drugs through the public sector, the Mexican market has a very important OOP component, and drug coverage varies across the different healthcare programs. New agents will find two markets eager to adopt new technologies, especially those that demonstrate they can change the progression of the disease. However, adoption of new health technologies by each country is made with focus on budget balance, and manufacturers will have to adjust their expectations to each country’s price and reimbursement characteristics. This Access & Reimbursement analysis provides key insights for navigating the AD market in Brazil and Mexico while adapting your brand’s value message to payers and physician needs and expectations in each country.


Clarivate’s Access and Reimbursement module for Alzheimer’s disease in Brazil and Mexico explores the prescribing patterns for current AD therapies; the potential impact of the anticipated arrival of novel therapies; and key national, regional, and institutional market access factors that will shape the use of AD therapies over the next two to three years. This report draws on insights from 103 surveyed physicians and from interviews with 6 payers in Brazil and Mexico, all of whom have influence at the institutional, regional, or national level.

Markets covered: Brazil and Mexico.

Primary research:

  • 103 physicians:
    • 44 neurologists.
    • 26 psychiatrists.
    • 32 geriatricians.
    • 1 internal medicine/primary care physician.
  • 6 payers:
    • Brazil:
      • Member of the Pharmacology Commission in São Paulo’s State Health Department
      • Medical audit department manager at National HMO
      • Neurologist KOL
    • Mexico:
      • Head of acquisition and distribution of medicines at ISSSTE
      • Chief of Geriatrics Department at INNSZ
      • Neurologist and neurophysiologist KOL

Questions Answered in This Report:

  • Which agents are available for the treatment of AD, and which of them are covered at a national and institutional level in Brazil and Mexico.
  • The barriers AD patients encounter for diagnosis and treatment, and how they vary across the two countries and impact the disease progression.
  • What the current drivers of physician prescribing of AD therapies are, and how prescribing is impacted by payer policies.
  • The impact of reimbursement/coverage constraints on prescribing, and how patients access medicines when access is limited/non-existent.
  • The impact of health authorities’ policies in the prescription of generics.
  • The perceptions and expectations payers have for emerging therapies, and which challenges new therapies will need to overcome.
  • How new therapies meet physicians’ needs, and how they expect to prescribe them.
  • Which differentiating characteristics new therapies will need to show to be successful with coverage requests.
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