Large-Joint Reconstructive Implants – Market Insights – Asia Pacific

The Asia Pacific large-joint reconstructive implant market was limited by the COVID-19 pandemic given that many hip and knee implant procedures are considered elective; however, the market continues to recover, with growth owing to favorable demographics, rising adoption of innovative devices, and demand for technologies that provide better patient outcomes. Budgetary constraints among many Asia Pacific facilities will nonetheless result in slower adoption of premium-priced technologies that will hinder revenue potential to some degree.

This Medtech 360 Report provides comprehensive data and analysis on the state of the market for large-joint reconstructive implants in the Asia Pacific region from 2019 through 2031.

The COVID-19 pandemic had significant impact on markets for devices used in elective procedures, including hip and knee reconstructive implants.

How were procedure volumes in different segments of the market affected by the pandemic?

What differences were seen in terms of impact across the countries covered? How will recovery look like in each of the Asia Pacific countries going forward?

What impact did the pandemic have on market share dynamics, and what strategies have competitors used to remain successful?

The large-joint reconstructive implant market in China has been impacted by the implementation of a nationwide volume-based procurement program.

What effects will this volume-based procurement program have on large-joint reconstructive implant sales, ASPs, and revenues in China?

How are the competitors adjusting their strategies to remain successful under the volume-based procurement program?

Adoption of technological innovations in the large-joint reconstructive implant space, such as 3-D–printed implants and robotic technologies, is hindered by cost constraints in the Asia Pacific region.

How have these budgetary limitations affected the product mix in the Asia Pacific countries?

What factors will help drive the adoption of technological innovations in the Asia Pacific large-joint reconstructive implant market despite cost constraints?

How will local registry data contribute to adoption of various large-joint reconstructive implant products?

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